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What is essential oil

What is essential oil?

It is being used more and more often and you can find it in many households. Essential oils are natural oils that evaporate into the air. They are also known as volatile oils or essential oils. An essential oil has a pleasant air that differs per type of oil. Because of the deliciously fragrant substances, the use of essential oils is often experienced as pleasant.

Essential oils are mainly known for their beneficial and medicinal effects. The oil can, for example, contribute to purifying the body, promoting digestion or restoring the hormonal balance. It also has a positive influence on the immune system and mood.

Essential oils can be applied in various ways

Essential oil can be applied in different ways. For example, essential oil is widely used in aromatherapy. It is widely used in various physical and mental disorders. You can think of a respiratory infection, stress, depression or muscle pain. With the help of an essential oil this aromatherapy can be used to relieve various conditions. Aromatherapy in which essential oils are applied is often done by massage or inhalation. The essential oil can be used to alleviate or even prevent complaints. Each oil has its own unique effect and therefore requires an appropriate dosage and administration. It is therefore important that you do not just use essential oils without any consideration.

Different essential oils

The essential oils used by households are often dispersed through the air by means of a vaporizer. The oil is mixed with water and spread through the air by evaporation. In addition, essential oils can also be used when taking a bath, the effect of the different oils is different than when it is sprayed by means of a special humidifier or aroma diffuser.

There are many different kinds of essential oils and each one has its own effect. Tea Tree, Den Grove, Juniper and Marjoram, for example, help to purify the air when these oils are diffused by evaporation. Rosemary, Sage and Eucalyptus help to breathe more freely, these oils are therefore very suitable for people with asthma. There are also essential oils that help you fall asleep and are very soothing. These include Helicryse, Chamomile, Myrrh, Fennel and Lavender. There are many more popular essential oils that all have a unique property when dispersed in the air.

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