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What does smell do to us?

What does smell do to us? We don’t realize it, but we smell all day long. Fragrances are all around us. We are only used to relying on our nose and are not always aware of smells. But we do react to smell, even if we don’t consciously notice smell. So smell plays an unnoticed […]

Shelf life of essential oils

In this blog we will address the following question: “How long can I store essential oils?” Essential oils can generally have quite a bit, because they have a strong antiseptic effect on their own. Bacteria and fungi therefore have no chance to attack an essential oil. The cause of the deterioration of the quality of […]

Chocolate cake with Ylang ylang

Recipe: Filled chocolate sweet potato cake with ylang-ylang oilBe inspired by Edible Beauty, a book in which two beautiful subjects come together: beauty and food! Read and learn about caring for and nourishing your body, inside and out, with fragrant natural skin care and adventurous, tasty, pure dishes. Writers Ellen Wagenaar (aromatherapyand beautician) and Annemarie […]

What is essential oil

What is essential oil? It is being used more and more often and you can find it in many households. Essential oils are natural oils that evaporate into the air. They are also known as volatile oils or essential oils. An essential oil has a pleasant air that differs per type of oil. Because of […]

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